Product Description: Wildfire HD Edition

Web Version (log-on) and API

1. General

1.1 The Wildfire HD Edition of the Munich Re Location Risk Intelligence is a Software-as a-Service (“SaaS”) solution and delivers as such wildfire risk related results (scores and analyses) for specifically requested locations.

1.2 The Wildfire HD Edition’s results are estimates based on Munich Reinsurance Company’s own or licenced data. The estimates can serve the Client as a decision-making aid. Therefore, MR Service may neither explicitly nor implicitly pledge or guarantee the completeness or accuracy of information which it has properly compiled.

1.3 The Client retains all potential intellectual property rights to the data it has uploaded to the On-line Services for request purposes.

2. Web Version (log-on) of Wildfire HD Edition

2.1 General Functionalities of the Web Version

Base maps Grey Background, Dark Gray Background, OpenStreetMap, Topography, Terrain, Streets, Hybrid Satellite.
Portfolio Risk Analysis Manage up to six data collections (e.g.: portfolios) simultaneously and intersect/filter according to NATHAN hazard maps.
Geocoding Integrated geocoder for location visualisation based on address search within the application. Geocoding results (latitude, longitude) cannot be extracted.
Upload / download Upload of data via Excel or CSV template files and download as Excel, CSV or PDF.
Visualisation of locations Cluster View, Heatmap View, Regions View (e.g.: country, county, city, postcode, CRESTA), Single Locations View.
Quickinfo Quick overview of selected KPI (Count, Total Sum, Average).
Guidance Provides you with an overview about the activated content and quick access to steering options (e.g.: opacity steering and filter).
Polygons Freehand and circle polygons as well as uploading a polygon via KML files with filter functionality. Polygons can be saved and assigned to groups.
Location & Risk Information Depending on data additional information on each location in an info pop-up can be shown. Additional content (.png, .jpeg, .PDF) can be attached to each location (e.g. Risk Survey or Claims Reports).
General Maps & Information Population Density, Elevation.

2.2 Specific Functionalities of Web Version

Maps & Information Map of the RiskScore and RiskIndex Class, as well as an overview of actual and historic wildfires.
Risk Scores RiskScore and RiskIndex for Wildfire HD dataset, covering the US states of California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon, in Alberta and British Columbia in Canada, and for Australia the states of New South Wales and Victoria, as well as the internal territory of Australian Capital Territory.

3. API Version of Wildfire HD Edition

3.1 General API Services

General DistanceToCoast, PopulationDensity, NathanElevation

3.2 Specific API Services

Risk Scores WildfireHDContinousDeliveryChannel, WildfireHDContinousDeliveryChannelInfos, WildfireHDContinousDeliveryChannelDistanceAzimutNextFirestation
Open Data NIFCActiveWildfirePerimeterAreas (US only)

(Last updated: April 2022)