Product Description: Climate Financial Impact Edition

Web Version (log-on) and API

1. General

1.1 Munich Re's Location Risk Intelligence Platform is a software as a service solution (SaaS) capable to visualize and process natural hazards and climate risk data as defined in the various data editions. The Location Risk Intelligence Platform is offered in three subscription plans with different functionalities as Business, Corporate and Enterprise. Client chooses one of the three subscription plans.

1.2 The Climate Financial Impact Edition of the Munich Re Location Risk Intelligence is a software as a service (SaaS) solution and, as such, delivers climate financial impact-related results (scores and analyses) for specific requested locations.

1.3 The Climate Financial Impact Edition's results are estimates based on Munich Reinsurance Company's own or licensed data. The estimates can be used by the Client as a decision-making aid. MR Service cannot therefore pledge or guarantee, either explicitly or implicitly, the completeness or accuracy of information that it has properly compiled.

1.4 The Climate Financial Impact Edition includes the full Climate Change Edition, which itself includes the full Natural Hazards Edition.

NATHAN Hazard Scores              Munich Re's NATHAN Hazard Scores consist of in total twelve (12) major perils (Earthquake, Volcano, Tsunami, Tropical Cyclone, Extratropical Storm, Hail, Tornado, Lightning, Wildfire, River Flood, Flash Flood and Storm Surge) which are provided per single asset/location. In a portfolio view, the proportional risk distribution within the portfolio to the respective hazard score is displayed
NATHAN Risk Scores Munich Re's NATHAN Risk Scores for Overall, Earthquake, Storm and Flood are provided for a single asset/location and portfolio basis and corresponding reports are available.
Hazard and Risk Score Display Results can be displayed as "Zone" or "Traffic Light" score. Zones represent a peril-specific classification of the respective hazard and vary between four (4) and seven (7) Zones. Traffic Light represents a consolidated and harmonized view with five (5) scoring categories over all hazard perils combined supporting the comparability of different hazards next to each other
Climate Hazard Scores Munich Re's Climate Hazard Scores for eight (8) perils, current plus four (4) different projection years (2030, 2040, 2050 and 2100) and four (4) different climate scenarios (SSP1-/ RCP 2.6, SSP2-/ RCP 4.5, SSP3-/ RCP 7.0, SSP5-/ RCP 8.5)
                                                    Tropical Cyclone RCP River Flood RCP Sea Level Rise RCP Fire Weather Stress Index SSP Drought Stress Index SSP Heat Stress Index SSP Precipitation Stress Index SSP Cold Stress Index SSP
Current x
SSP1-/ RCP 2.6, Year 2030 x x x x
SSP1-/ RCP 2.6, Year 2040 x x x x
SSP1-/ RCP 2.6, Year 2050 x x x x
SSP1-/ RCP 2.6, Year 2100 x x x
SSP2-/ RCP 4.5, Year 2030 x
SSP2-/ RCP 4.5, Year 2040 x x x
SSP2-/ RCP 4.5, Year 2050 x
SSP2-/ RCP 4.5, Year 2100
SSP3-/ RCP 7.0, Year 2030 x x x x
SSP3-/ RCP 7.0, Year 2040 x x x x
SSP3-/ RCP 7.0, Year 2050 x x x x
SSP3-/ RCP 7.0, Year 2100 x x x x
SSP5-/ RCP 8.5, Year 2030 x
SSP5-/ RCP 8.5, Year 2040 x x x
SSP5-/ RCP 8.5, Year 2050 x
SSP5-/ RCP 8.5, Year 2100

Table I – Availability of scenarios / timelines for each hazard

✓ = Available
x = Not Available

Climate Expected Loss Tropical Cyclone, Expected Loss
River Flood, Expected Loss
SSP2-/ RCP 4.5, Year 2030
SSP2-/ RCP 4.5, Year 2050
SSP2-/ RCP 4.5, Year 2100
SSP5-/ RCP 8.5, Year 2030
SSP5-/ RCP 8.5, Year 2050
SSP5-/ RCP 8.5, Year 2100

Table II – Availability of scenarios / timelines of climate expected loss

✓ = Available
x = Not Available

2. API Services of Climate Financial Impact Edition

2.1 General API Services

General               DistanceToCoast, PopulationDensity, NathanElevation

2.2 Specific Climate Financial Impact Edition API Services

FinancialScores ClimateExpectedLossTropicalCycloneCurrent, ClimateExpectedLossTropicalCycloneRCP45Y2030, ClimateExpectedLossTropicalCycloneRCP45Y2050, ClimateExpectedLossTropicalCycloneRCP45Y2100, ClimateExpectedLossTropicalCycloneRCP85Y2030, ClimateExpectedLossTropicalCycloneRCP85Y2050, ClimateExpectedLossTropicalCycloneRCP85Y2100, ClimateExpectedLossRiverFloodCurrent, ClimateExpectedLossRiverFloodRCP45Y2030, ClimateExpectedLossRiverFloodRCP45Y2050, ClimateExpectedLossRiverFloodRCP45Y2100, ClimateExpectedLossRiverFloodRCP85Y2030, ClimateExpectedLossRiverFloodRCP85Y2050, ClimateExpectedLossRiverFloodRCP85Y2100
ClimateTimeline TropicalCycloneCurrent, TropicalCycloneRCP45Y2030, TropicalCycloneRCP45Y2050,, TropicalCycloneRCP45Y2100, TropicalCycloneRCP85Y2030, TropicalCycloneRCP85Y2050, TropicalCycloneRCP85Y2100

RiverFloodCurrent, RiverFloodRCP45Y2030, RiverFloodRCP45Y2050, RiverFloodRCP45Y2100, RiverFloodRCP85Y2030

RiverFloodRCP85Y2050, RiverFloodRCP85Y2100, SeaLevelRiseRCP26Y2100, SeaLevelRiseRCP45Y2100, SeaLevelRiseRCP85Y2100
Climate Change Indices:

FireWeatherStressIndexCurrent, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP126Y2030, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP126Y2040, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP126Y2050, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP126Y2100, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP245Y2030, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP245Y2040, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP245Y2050, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP245Y2100, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP370Y2030, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP370Y2040, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP370Y2050, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP370Y2100, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP585Y2030, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP585Y2040, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP585Y2050, FireWeatherStressIndexSSP585Y2100

DroughtStressIndexCurrent, DroughtStressIndexSSP245Y2030, DroughtStressIndexSSP245Y2040, DroughtStressIndexSSP245Y2050, DroughtStressIndexSSP245Y2100, DroughtStressIndexSSP585Y2030, DroughtStressIndexSSP585Y2040, DroughtStressIndexSSP585Y2050, DroughtStressIndexSSP585Y2100

HeatStressIndexCurrent, HeatStressIndexSSP126Y2030, HeatStressIndexSSP126Y2040, HeatStressIndexSSP126Y2050, HeatStressIndexSSP126Y2100, HeatStressIndexSSP245Y2030, HeatStressIndexSSP245Y2040, HeatStressIndexSSP245Y2050, HeatStressIndexSSP245Y2100, HeatStressIndexSSP370Y2030, HeatStressIndexSSP370Y2040, HeatStressIndexSSP370Y2050, HeatStressIndexSSP370Y2100, HeatStressIndexSSP585Y2030, HeatStressIndexSSP585Y2040, HeatStressIndexSSP585Y2050, HeatStressIndexSSP585Y2100

PrecipitationStressIndexCurrent, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP126Y2030, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP126Y2040, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP126Y2050, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP126Y2100, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP245Y2030, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP245Y2040, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP245Y2050, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP245Y2100, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP370Y2030, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP370Y2040, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP370Y2050, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP370Y2100, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP585Y2030, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP585Y2040, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP585Y2050, PrecipitationStressIndexSSP585Y2100

ColdStressIndexCurrent, ColdStressIndexSSP126Y2030, ColdStressIndexSSP126Y2040, ColdStressIndexSSP126Y2050, ColdStressIndexSSP126Y2100, ColdStressIndexSSP245Y2030, ColdStressIndexSSP245Y2040, ColdStressIndexSSP245Y2050, ColdStressIndexSSP245Y2100, ColdStressIndexSSP370Y2030, ColdStressIndexSSP370Y2040, ColdStressIndexSSP370Y2050, ColdStressIndexSSP370Y2100, ColdStressIndexSSP585Y2030, ColdStressIndexSSP585Y2040, ColdStressIndexSSP585Y2050, ColdStressIndexSSP585Y2100
Hazards                                           NathanEarthquake, NathanVolcano, NathanTsunami, NathanTropicalCyclone, NathanExtratropicalStorm, NathanHail, NathanTornado, NathanLightning, NathanWildfire, NathanRiverFlood, NathanFlashFlood, NathanStormSurge, NathanActiveFaults, NathanSoilAndShaking
Risk Scores NathanOverall, NathanEarthquake, NathanStorm, NathanFlood

(Last updated: October 2023)