1. General

Location Risk Intelligence is part of the Munich Re Location Risk Intelligence Platform providing customers with comprehensive and transparent business insights. As such, it is a Location Risk Intelligence analytics tool for geocoding, CRESTA identification, natural catastrophe risk assessment and visualisation. By specifying certain locations of interest, Clients may access and visualise risk and hazard scores for a variety of natural perils.

Location Risk Intelligence analyses are estimates based on Munich Reinsurance Company’s own or licensed data. The estimates serve the Client as a decision making aid. Therefore, MR Service may neither explicitly nor implicitly pledge or guarantee the completeness or accuracy of information which is has properly compiled.

2. Features included

Feature Description
Base maps Grey Background, Dark Gray Background, OpenStreet, Topography, Terrain, Streets, Hybrid Satellite.
Portfolio Risk Analysis Manage up to six data collections (e.g. portfolios) simultaneously and intersect/filter according to NATHAN hazard maps.
Geocoding Integrated geocoder for location visualization based on address search within the application. Geocoding results (latitude, longitude) cannot be extracted.
Upload / download Upload of data via Excel or CSV template files and download as Excel, CSV or PDF.
Visualization of locations Cluster View, Heatmap View, Regions View (e.g. country, county, city, post code, CRESTA), Single Locations View.
Quickinfo Quick overview of selected KPI (Count, Total Sum, Average).
Guidance Provides you with an overview about the activated content and quick access to steering options (e.g. opacity steering and filter).
Polygons Freehand and circle polygons as well as uploading a polygon via KML files with filter functionality. Polygons can be saved and assigned to groups.
Location & Risk Information Depending on data additional information on each location in a info popup can be shown. Additional content (.png, .jpeg, .pdf) can be attached to each location (e.g. Risk Survey or Claims Reports).
NATHAN Hazard Maps & Information Munich Re’s global hazard maps and scores for the twelve major perils (Earthquake, Volcanoes, Tsunami, Tropical Cyclone, Extratropical Storm, Hail, Tornado, Lightning, Wildfire, River Flood, Flash Flood and Storm Surge).
NATHAN Hazard & Risk Scores Risk scores for Earthquake, Storm and Flood are provided on a single location and portfolio basis and corresponding reports are available.
Additional Maps & Information Population Density, Elevation, CRESTA Low Res and High Res, Soil and Shaking Hazard, Global Active Faults.
Footprints For a number of selected major NatCat events Munich Re footprints are available and can be shown

3. Procedures

Upon commencement of its user license, the Client will receive customer account details to access the Online Services. To use Location Risk Intelligence, the Client transmits its risk data on its own responsibility to the Online Services. The data shall be in a predefined structure and format (templates can be found in the Online Services) in order to ensure best results. The Online Service will then automatically geocode the data, link it to CRESTA or to natural hazard information and provide various scores. The Client may download the results (risk analyses and risk reports) as csv and/ or pdf files directly from the Online Services.

MR Service will record all location requests effected via the Online Services (unique identifiers of relevant users, geolocations requested, time of effected requests) to allow accurate, use-based remuneration and in order to improve the functionalities of the Online Services.

4. Technical environment

Feature Description
Authentication & authorization OAuth2.0 authentication with a JWT Bearer token. Authentication by email and self-generated password via https
User provisioning process and user access management Invitation is sent to the user where he has to confirm his email and insert first name, last name and date of birth. In addition a self-service user management portal (CIAM) can be used by an admin user to invite additional users from his company.
Type of Online Service Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
Confidentiality and data protection Multi-tenant solution with complete isolation & of customer account data, policy and configuration settings.
Details on cloud service Hosted on a public cloud in a member state of the European Union with connections to dedicated Munich Re on-premise systems.
Data security mechanisms - type of encryption used All information is transported via HTTPS calls.
Disaster Recovery (DR) facility available All productive systems and databases are backed up on daily basis in geo-redundant mode
Auditable logging and tracing capability The logging information is primarily tracked in order to allow accurate use-based remuneration for the services provided. For this purpose, it is necessary to authenticate a user (by its unique identifier in the Online Services) and to record its user behavior within the Online Services (geolocations requested, time of effected requests). The same applies to the user tracking on a test account which is limited in time and number of location requests.
Software development process and security review Every application has to run through a compliance gate process, where data protection is audited, legal and compliance issues are verified and the entire application architecture is assessed by IT security and IT compliance incl. penetration tests. In additional an external penetration test is executed on regular basis.
Data retention times The Client can request at any time to delete the uploaded data. If the contract is cancelled the accounts and all client relevant data is deleted automatically 90 days after contract termination.

5. Support Services

Regarding the Online Services Location Risk Intelligence, MR Service provides the following Support Services in English and as a remote service:

Feature Description
Maintenance Releases Included
Email address for Client to log Support Cases geoweb@munichre.com
Target Response Time P1 Cases: 4 hours - P2 Cases: 8 hours - P3 Cases: 12 hours
Service Hours Business hours


Definition Description
Business Hours 06:30 h – 20:30 CET Monday to Friday, excluding local public holidays in Munich, Germany.
Defect A failure of the Online Services, as defined as P1 Case, P2 Case or P3 Case and item 9 of the Location Risk Intelligence Online Services Terms.
Maintenance Releases New versions, major and minor releases, patches and updates of Location Risk Intelligence.
P1 Case (Critical) Inability to access the Online Services.
P2 Case (High) Loss of a major job function. Example: Users cannot run reports, inability to use feature(s) for which no immediate workaround exists.
P3 Case (Low) There is an incident to be resolved (not classified as Critical or High) but the Online Services is still functional and the Client has other options available. This case is an immaterial defect in the sense of the Location Risk Intelligence Online Services Terms.
Service Hours The time period during which the Online Services are available and during which the Target Response Time is measured.
Support Case A request for MR Service to provide Support Services in relation to a suspected Defect.
Target Response Time The time period from receipt of a Support Case during which MR Service will acknowledge the initial notification of the Support Case, communicate an incident reference number, allocate the relevant priority level and take all reasonable steps to resolve the Defect.

6. Availability

There may be events that from time to time will make the Online Services inaccessible for a limited period in time due to unforeseen software, hardware, network, power and/ or internet outages. MR Service, however, ensures that the Online Services will be available at least 98% of the annual time of each calendar year (“Agreed Availability”).

The Agreed Availability per twelve (12) months period of subscription (“Subscription Period”) is calculated as follows:

Availability per Subscription Period net of agreed maintenance windows (see below) 98% of annual time net of agreed maintenance windows
Agreed maintenance windows (not included in the calculation of Agreed Availability) Agreed 4 weekends per annual subscription Period

In the event that the aforesaid percentage is below 98%, the Client may request MR Service reimbursement as described in the table below, provided that the Client makes such request within ten (10) business days after being informed by MR Service of the availability level falling below 98%.

Actual Percentage the Online Service is available as per the above calculation Reimbursement
98% or more None
Less than 98% 15% of remuneration paid or payable by Client for relevant 12 months period

(last updated: January 2022)